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IS THE INFARED SAUNA SAFE? Yes, it is safe. Unlike sunbathing, exposure to infared heat therapy is safe and won't cause skin to burn. CAN INFARED SAUNA BE USED FOR ANTI- AGING? Yes! Our infared sauna treatment is great for reducing wrinkles, and it helps to improve overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity, and firmness of the skin. In addition to this, the infared light flushes toxins from your skin, allowing you to experience smoother and tighter skin with more room to breathe. Additionally, the red light from the infared sauna stimulates collagen and elastin production. HOW LONG DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR EACH INFARED SAUNA TREATMENT SESSION? Here we best recommend 30- 40 minutes. You'll have access to the room for 60 minutes total, allowing you to have enough time to freshen up and change upon completion. After stepping out of the sauna your body sweating and detoxification will continue for about 30- 60 minutes afterward, so it is not recommended that you shower right away as it will shorten the benefits of the detoxification process. WHAT DO I WEAR INSIDE THE SAUNA? You can wear a bathing suite or a towel. You will be in a private room alone or with a friend that you invited with. HOW SHOULD I BE PREPARED FOR MY INFARED SAUNA TREATMENT EXPERIENCE? With all the sweating, you want to make sure to rehydrate. Please ensure that each session you're WELL- HYDRATED, NOT HUNGOVER, OR DRINKING ALCHOL LESS THAN 12 HOURS BEFORE SESSION. Drinking water is available in the sauna room. Please only use glass or stainless steel bottles in the sauna; plastic bottles are not permitted in th e sauna. Towels and wash clothes are provided for your use. AND YES OUR SAUNA IS CLEAN AND SAFE. Our sauna is sanitized after each use. Infared light kills all bacteria and any airborne germs. WHO CANNOT USE THE INFARED SAUNA? Persons who are pregnant, under the age of 12, those who can't handle extreme temperatures, those with hemophilia, fever, insensitivity to heat, and those under the influence of alcohol or who abuse alcohol are not recommended not to use infared sauna. BENEFITS OF INFARED SAUNA - Weight loss - Increased Metabolism - Joint/ Muscle Pain Relief - Immune System Boost - Detoxification - Improves sleep - Improves Apperance of Cellulite - Stress and Fatigue Reduction - Improves Skin

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